Jailbreak icloud without password latest 2021

 I think all of you iPhone users have forgotten the password, right? At that time, you can only jailbreak iCloud, take it to the store, you will lose a lot of money. So in this article, I will introduce you to the WooTechy iSalvor tool that can help you best jailbreak iCloud without risking it.

Jailbreak icloud without password latest 2021

What is WooTechy iSalvor?

WooTechy iSalvor provides all solutions to jailbreak iCloud or even screen password on Apple iOS device users. That is, this software will help users to remove any kind of password on iPhone or iPad, even if they forget the password.

Features of iSalvor

Unlike many similar software, WooTechy iSalvor is a complete software to crack iCloud and all kinds of passwords on iPhone. But iSalvor has 3 main features that I think you will like:

  • Jailbreak iCloud activation without AppleID or password.
  • Crack any kind of password. iSalvor also avoids getting stuck when trying to reset the device.
  • Turned off “Find my iPhone” or “Find my iPad” without issue.

How to jailbreak iCloud without password

To jailbreak iCloud or any other password on iPhone, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download iSalvor and install the program. Then, open iSalvor on your Windows or Mac computer and select iCloud Activation Lock Screen.

Then, connect your locked iPhone to the computer using the Apple Lighting cable.

Step 2: You will need jailbreak to crack the screen password. For Mac users, the program will automatically download the correct jailbreak package to the device. Just click Start Jailbreak and follow the on-screen instructions to do this.

Step 3: Now, iSalvor will show you detailed information about the device after jailbreak. Check the information on the screen carefully to make sure it is correct. Once you are sure the information is correct, click Start Bypass to crack the password.

Step 4: After a few minutes, the program will unlock your iPhone completely. Just click the Done button and reset your iPhone.

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